Moving IT & Telecommunications

Moving IT & Telecommunications

Moving can be an overwhelming task, rife with many unknown complications. But, when utilizing a professional IT/Telecom Solution Provider, moving an office is the ideal time to upgrade your business communications and possibly upgrade your telecom service provider.

Managing the logistics of an IT & Telecommunications relocation is crucially important for the life of your business. Careful attention must be paid to this significant aspect of your office move, ensuring that your IT equipment, servers and business phone systems are fully functional as soon as your employees begin work on the first day at the new location.

The most successful office relocation will occur when you begin working with your IT/Telecom Solution Provider 90-120 days prior to the office move. If there is a substantial office build-out involved, 180 days is appropriate.

Professional IT/Telecom Solution Providers will work closely with you on the following to ensure your office technology relocation is a cost-effective, low-risk transition:

  • Evaluate existing office equipment, software, and connectivity/support/cloud services agreements; analyze technology requirements for the new office space taking Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for move vs. replace lifecycle costs into consideration.
  • Gather options from current and competing carriers for voice, Internet, WAN, & cloud services as directed.
  • Participate in your regular office relocation meetings. Develop a quality assurance test plan to ensure all systems and services are working immediately after the office move and continue to provide ongoing technological support.